The Latin American Journal of Social Sciences, Childhood and Youth is a peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary scientific publication dedicated to the presentation of research results that, from the perspective of the social sciences, have children and youth as their central focus (and not just as a subsidiary theme). 

The Journal addresses the community of researchers interested in the theory and practice of studying, analyzing and delving deeper into the worlds inhabited by children and young people, as well as researchers  interested in the design, evaluation and comparison of programs and policies for children and youth. 

The Journal publishes the results of research, analysis and meta-analysis, which due to their quality and rigor represent the main advances in the study of children and youth in Latin America and the Caribbean or debate existing knowledge and in this field. In synthesis, the Journal receives contributions that respond to the complexity of this field of study and are based on disciplinary, interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary perspectives (such as sociology, neurosciences, psychology, pedagogy and philosophy) and methodological approaches that are considered adequate.

The Journal accepts articles in Spanish, Portuguese, French and English, preferably derived from research that is formally endorsed by universities, public institutions, research centers or public and private funding bodies. 

The Journal has been published every six months since 2001 by the Center for Advanced Studies in Childhood and Youth, operated by CINDE and the University of Manizales (Colombia). These institutions finance the production of the Journal and ensure that it is free to access.



Héctor Fabio Ospina


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